Welcome to HFTI!

This past January, HFTI and The Food Trust launched the Healthy Food Truck Certification Program. This easy process will certify a food truck as healthy and ensure that their business is included in a unique community of other certified vendors.

Please visit the Certification Program page for more information. Download and submit your application to phillyhealthyfoodtrucks@gmail.com

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The Healthy Food Truck Initiative works with food trucks to promote healthier meals to customers. Our partners include Penn Campus Health, The Food Trust, and various food trucks in the Philadelphia area. Explore the tabs above to learn more!

  1. Mission: To help transform food trucks into sites where the health of customers is promoted
  2. Vision: A healthy food truck eating environment that supports healthy eating habits in customers
  3. Values: Using a community-engaged, research-based, and business-friendly approach to create change

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Contact HFTI at phillyhealthyfoodtrucks@gmail.com and Penn Campus Health via Ashlee Halbritter at ashleeh@upenn.edu.