Certification Program

HFTI and The Food Trust are launching a Healthy Food Truck Certification Program. This easy process will certify a food truck as healthy and ensure that their business is included in a unique community of other certified vendors.

Why get certified? 

  1. Differentiate your business as making efforts towards being “healthier”
  2. Cater to the growing number of consumers looking for healthy meal options
  3. Gain publicity through The Food Trust and HFTI network & social media
  4. Show off a cool new sticker on your truck
  5. Distinguish yourself amongst other trucks at various events (e.g. Night Market)

How do I become certified?

  1. Download and complete the application form. Application is now open! Please download the application: hfti-application-2017-2018
  2. Email the completed application to phillyhealthyfoodtrucks@gmail.com.
  3. A HFTI member or representative of The Food Trust will contact you to schedule an In-Person Verification.
  4. Complete the In-Person Verification and receive your certification document and sticker (physical and digital copies). 


What is the In-Person Verification?

After a food truck submits a complete application, a HFTI member or representative of The Food Trust will conduct an In-Person Verification. The verification can be done at the food truck location or a central location. The food truck must present specific examples indicated on the application, such as packaging for certain ingredients (e.g. packaging for whole wheat pita if that is indicated as being used on the application). Food trucks will also be asked for more information on where they source their ingredients. If criteria pertaining to specific menu items requires verification, the food truck must be able to provide ingredient lists for the menu items (as we respect confidentiality, ingredient lists, not recipes, meet our requirements).


What are the Certification tiers?

The certification document and sticker will contain the years the food truck is certified based on a four-tier system. The food truck will be given a new sticker when they reach a new tier, coded by colors (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4). Each tier will be a two-year certification period. Food Trucks must be certified in the first five months of a given year to fall within the two year certification period, which includes that year and the following year.


Applications will be open now until May of 2017 for the certification period.

Please email phillyhealthyfoodtrucks@gmail.com with any questions.