The Advisory Board

We’ve created an advisory board composed of talented individuals to ensure that the Healthy Food Truck Initiative is successful and sustainable.

Eliot Coven

  • Background: Philadelphia Mobile Food Association Board Member & co-owner of Farm Truck
  • Why I support HFTI: Because at [Farm Truck’s] roots we believe people should know what they are eating and where it comes from. We believe food should be pure, for quality, taste and health reasons.
  • Favorite food: This is impossible for me to answer. I am constantly trying new foods and exploring different cuisines. I think the best type of food is the type you are in the mood for, or the type you weren’t expecting to blow you away!
  • Best piece of advice for healthy eating: Come to Farm Truck. We have lots to offer. Also, one of the other great ways to eat healthy is to be an active cook and grocery shopper. Try and explore new ingredients that are fresh and have fun with it.
  • Favorite hobby: In my spare time I love to go hiking with my dog and travel. I also renovate houses in the food truck off-season.

Bart De Jonghe, PhD

  • Background: Nutrition PhD & Penn Professor
  • Why I support HFTI: Bringing healthy, delicious food options to members of the community benefits everyone.
  • Favorite food: I have to say my mother’s Belgian pancakes are the best thing on the planet.
  • Best piece of advice for healthy eating: No change is too small.
  • Favorite hobby: I enjoy playing and seeing music every chance I get.

Sara Solomon, MPH, RD

  • Background: Deputy Director of the Center for Public Health Initiatives at Penn
  • Why I support HFTI: I think linking with the business community is a great way to increase access to healthy foods while also building community demand.
  • Favorite Food: Brussels Sprouts, hands down. Cooked to a slight crisp and seasoned with olive oil and Dijon. I also have a VERY soft spot for peanut butter.
  • Best piece of advice for healthy eating: Think of ways that make it easy for you to do.
  • Favorite Hobby: Vegetable and Flower Gardening. Quilting too!

Robert Hsu

  • Background: Co-Founded HFTI and 2015 Penn alumn
  • Why I support HFTI: Creating a culture of health involves engaging all stakeholders that influence our health. Businesses play an important role by affecting the food we eat through its availability, promotion, and pricing.
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Best piece of advice for healthy eating: Eat minimally-processed foods
  • Favorite Hobby: Tennis

Jess Chen 

  • Background: Co-Founded HFTI and 2016 Penn alum
  • Why I support HFTI: Targeting and working with food trucks is an extremely interesting and effective way in which to impact the public health environment. Beyond nutrition, HFTI has the potential to address access to food and other public health concerns due to food trucks’ wide accessibility.
  • Favorite Food: I am addicted to Magic Carpet cookies – and this is genuinely not meant to be a plug for a partner food truck! I’ve tried to recreate them but so far I have failed to get the right amount of sweetness, gooeyness, and thickness.
  • Best piece of advice for healthy eating: Diversity is key – try to eat as many (or all) of the five food groups in every meal!
  • Favorite Hobby:Hiking and watching food shows