The Plan

Our goals and ideas can be broken down into two categories: promotion and product.


  • Implement some degree of nutritional labeling
  • Create signage that promotes healthier meals to the public
  • Distribute coupons that can be used towards healthier meals at our partner food trucks
  • Distribute a pamphlet that compiles healthier meals offered by food trucks
  • Organize an event with participating food trucks that allows them to showcase samples of healthier meals to the public


  • Suggest selling more water, diet pop, and 100% fruit juices if not available
  • Suggest alternatives to packaged foods, such as baked chips instead of regular chips

Through these initiatives, we hope to create a healthy food truck eating environment that supports healthy eating habits in customers by doing the following:

  • Increase awareness of healthier meals at food trucks to customers
  • Provide information that makes healthy decision making easier
  • Increase availability of healthier options (e.g., 100% fruit juice) at food trucks